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                Product presentation

                Parts of pressing machine

                Parts of spreading machine and silo

                Parts of refiner

                Parts of PB or OSB

                Company profile

                Dongying Smart Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at Dongying City which are the center of Yellow River Delta and the manufacturing base of Shandong Province.

                Our main services include: Design and manufacture of wood-based panel equipment, Domestic manufacturing of German production line (Dieffenbacher, Siempelkamp) for wood-based panel equipment and its accessories and precision parts machining.

                We have nearly 20 experienced technical engineers with rich experience in design, development and manufacturing and we are also equipped with precision machining equipment, which are mainly machining center, CNC, EDM machine tool and large machine tool.

                Design and manufacturing are the critical parts to ensure the product quality. We have perfect QMS and engineering team with strong R&D ability and vase experience in design and manufacturing for Non-standard equipment and accessories.

                We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company.

                Contact information

                M/P: +86-13605465500

                Tel: +86-546-7766816

                Fax: +86-546-7766816

                E-mail: smartsd@126.com

                Web: http://www.dnmdb.com

                P.C.: 257091

                Add: No.69 Dengzhou Road, Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province, China